Mum, Work & Play

I am a mum, who works and likes to play with my three great boys

Morning Has Broken!

on March 16, 2011

The mum woke up today and was glad the headache had gone – syndol is scary.  Thank God one kid was up before my usual “it’s time for school” and the reply ” I am tired” saga.  Remembered that it’s going to be a scooter day today so I have to get my act together early

Shower, get the boys ready, breakfast and off we go.  How I just wish the little one will stop trying to catch up with his brother on the scooter as this makes me sprint to catch up – which is my exercise for the day.

Back at home and back to work. Timer set for TV time for little one before I get carried away with work. Funny, he is not in the TV mood so it’s time for Thomas train set. Let’s just hope he doesn’t ask mum to play along with him.

As a self-employed mum you sometimes ask yourself if you are enjoying your work or are you just doing it because it is convenient.  If you can’t be distracted by TV or your home surrounding and spend your work time glued to work, then you have got something good going. 

Quick scan through my to-do-list to make sure I work in the right order. It is a bit difficult to stay focused when there is a little man around.

Today is website editing day. I am also assisting my clients with their marketing materials.  Doing some stuff for Deizi Events  who is exhibiting at a Bridal Fair in April – love her boldness. 

Back to mumhood – reading time and lunch, I hope he doesn’t reject his peas this time. He seems to think peas is for grown ups and is always asking me to eat the peas from his meals.  Food in the oven for hubby and back to work, better set the timer before the meal becomes a burnt offering.

No listening to Podcast today as recommended by my sis, must interact with the little one who seems to be on an interactive roll today.

Got a few websites to work on so must get my designing cap on. Client likes sample layout I sent yesterday so that’s a bonus.

School run almost upon me.  Have I done well with my work hours?  Think so, catch up with the rest after kids’ bedtime.


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