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I am a mum, who works and likes to play with my three great boys

Mum on the Run

on April 6, 2011

On My Mark…

It has been one of those weeks where getting to school has been by the skin of my teeth. Not that I got there late but I got there on time by dashing through the morning routine.

One thing that I found fascinating this week was the way we adults dash to school.  I live on one of those roads where one car has to give way to the other so there can be easy passage.  I abide by one rule on this road – if you identify a school run parent, GIVE WAY. There is something about us that turns absolutely crazy behind the wheel to get the kids to school on time.

Is It All In The Planning?

People say plan everything the night before blah! blah! blah! But sometimes things don’t just work out that way for Self-Employed me. If I have a deadline to meet and have to finish off well after the kids go to bed, that means get up at the last snooze on the morning alarm, rush through morning routines and exhale once I get the kids through the school gate!!!  There is no room for an afternoon snooze as I have to start work at 10.00am to get more done before picking the kids up later.  

Self-Employment and Staying Motivated

Someone asked me, “what do you do to stay motivated”? Well my answer was, as a master of your own destiny and paycheck you can’t afford to slacken in your efforts to make things work for your business. Every day/week/month you need to develop new strategies for your business and revise the ones that do not work for you.  

Warm Weather – Outdoor Exercise

I must find the motivation to start jogging again now that the weather is warmer.  The excuse of the cold weather no longer applies.  So fingers cross from Monday routine must include an early morning jog (jitters!!!!).

Next time will be a better time….Temi.


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