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I am a mum, who works and likes to play with my three great boys

It’s Still the Easter Break

on April 14, 2011

Kids and mum are still at home.  Weather was good but now it feels like winter…

Promised myself that I will not moan about the kids being at home for almost three weeks – actually it is three weeks if I count the Royal Wedding bank holiday and May day bank holiday.  Been thinking about how to keep the kids occupied and at the same time get some work done. 

It is amazing how the brain almost doesn’t function when the kids are about. Trying to work on a website today was quite frustrating with ‘someone’ singing “beyblade beyblade let it rip”!!! every 5 minutes. 

God sure does understand me and my schedule maybe that is why He has allowed me a lighter work load for April.  I just do not know how I will be able to cope with so many tight deadlines and the need to attend to and take the kids out so often.

Web space Etiquette

In my quest to find something interesting for my boys to do this week, I came across a company that offers go-kart lessons for kids (well so says their website) last night.   I could not wait to call them today and book a fun-filled race for my boys.  I was so deflated when I was told the classes for kids have been cancelled – Oh dear! please update your website with current information!!!! 

If you no longer offer a service, be kind enough to let your customers know, update your website to reflect the changes – after all that is your shop front to the world.  Now I appreciate what I do for my clients ( I hope they do too). I may not be so quick with my own stuff, but I try to ensure clients website content is up to date – it is the least you can do for your customers.

 Three quarter of the first week done and the kids have been GREAT!

Next time will surely be a better time….Temi.

Photo courtesy of Ros


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