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Am I Addicted to Work?

on April 18, 2011

Finding the Right Balance

Yesterday I think it dawned on me that I might be addicted to work.  I now use most of my free time to sneak online to either write an article, edit information/website or just find something to do.  My husband has been telling me this for a while now that I can’t seem to let go of my laptop.  I have always justified why!!

Ok I put my hands up, I am addicted to work!  Is it a good excuse to say it is because I just love what I do.  Every time I get a new project, I am like a kid in a sweet shop, I just can’t get enough – designing, creating content etc I love it.  I am now committed to finding the right balance for family and work.  It can be hard if you work from home though…

Business First Steps gives me what I love to do and more. It puts me in touch with people who want to develop a concept and it is such a privilege to help them achieve this. 

Time for the Things that Matter

How I manage to find undiluted time for the kids is beyond me.  I mean, they are now on holidays and we still find time to go for bike rides and all. Surely I must be doing something right.  I am dedicating more time to my family this week, so this might be my only working day until the kids go back to school..I hope!!

I better make the most of today – it’s looking like a long night.

Next time will be an even better time…Temi.


4 responses to “Am I Addicted to Work?

  1. Nina says:

    Hi Temi,
    Congrats on the job you love! There are not many people who can truely say that they love their job.
    You say you are addicted to work. I was wondering, do you think that’s good or do you feel bad about it?
    I would love to read your thoughts on that.


    • Temi says:

      Hi Nina,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I must state it feels good that something can hold my attention for so long and I still do not want to let it go. I have worked in the accounting/finance field for many years and I spent most of those years clock watching for home time. It is a privilege to be able to do something I love and also find time for family and other stuff…just need to get the balance right now.

      Are you contemplating self employment?


      • Nina says:

        Hi Temi,
        I can understand that you love your job now since you just wanted to get home in your previous job. I assume you feel enthusiastic and surprised that your “new” job can hold your attention for a long time. What does the job-family balance looks like right now?

        Yes Temi, I am not just contemplating self employment, I am actively seeking to get to that stage. At the moment I live a location independent lifestyle but I am stuck with the self employment part since I can not come up with an idea on what to do.


      • Temi says:

        Hi Nina,

        Apologies for late response, was away for a while. I find the key to fulfilment being doing what you love. Rather than focus on making money, focus on what you love to do. Do it well and the money will follow.

        My work life balance has improved a great deal and continues to do so. It was tough juggling so many balls in the beginning but it gets better as you go along.

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