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Back to Reality!!!

on April 27, 2011

Spills and Thrills

This happens to me a lot  – on the first week of new school term I spill something big. Today it was a whole container of herbs on the floor and the oats overflowed in the microwave…twice!!!  But the good thing was, I got through it without any stress. I was truly amazed at how calm I was today – truth be told I have been working hard on my temperament lately. Every time something/someone gets to me (the kids mostly), I now practice good breathing techniques and count to 10 – it works for me!  The kids are more relaxed and I am more relaxed so it is all good. 

My son was thrilled to be back in school today and so was I but for a different reason.  It’s good to have some working hours to myself without someone asking me to ‘battle’ him at the beyblade ring.  I can’t begin to count the number of paper planes I made during the Easter break and I colour them too.  Now they want me to make planes that can do the loop-do-loop…???

Workload and Holidays

Due to the holiday season, I have had to work skeletal hours.  I always try to avoid taking on a lot of work just before the school holidays so I can spend more time with the kids and not sit guilt-ridden at my desk.  The downside is money does not flow as much if you are self-employed and don’t work.  Luckily I had a busy month in March so that makes up for part of the April budget and I need to work really hard in May.

I am glad I got the newsletter out eventually, it has received quite a lot of good feedback so I feel good about that. You can have a read at

Good Google Results

I was excited last week when I discovered that some of my clients have made the first page of Google for their various keywords.  I pray and hope this generates more interest for their businesses.  Need to increase my SEO skills so May is going to be the month of knowledge.   I am also working on a new product for my business so it’s a busy few months ahead.

More Gratitude and Less Attitude

Called the pre-school office today to moan about my son’s afternoon place (I wanted a morning one). After speaking to the lady for a while, who was kind enough to explain the selection process. I felt silly when I realised that there are 50 kids on the waiting list.  There is so much we take for granted so now I am telling myself more gratitude and less attitude!

Next time will surely be an even better time… Temi.

Photos courtesy of bluegum & pump.


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