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…And The Beat Goes On

on May 4, 2011

Oh What A Beautiful Morning

I did a lot of soul-searching during the holidays to psyche myself up for the morning routines and school run.  With the stop and start school week, it has been harder to get back into a routine than I expected. 

Why does my bed suddenly become so comfortable and cosy at 6.00am?  Not happy that I always wake up before my alarm, which I do not like as I feel cheated of almost an hour.  My commitment now is GET UP ONCE I WAKE UP!!! 

Back to School

Anyway, the kids are finally back in school but not without drama.  Just 15 minutes before school run, my son had a nose bleed. The good thing is I have been practicing my no-panic skills and they really came in handy.  Luckily for us, the blood stemmed itself within a few minutes and he was off to school happy.  Gosh was I glad to drop one of them off at least.  

A One of its Kind Tantrum

Decided to take the little one to the shops to get some more educational books as he will be going to the school nursery in September…Yay!!!  As we went through the aisles, he spotted a Thomas the Tank Engine book and insisted he wanted it. Well the old me would have bought it without batting an eyelid but the new me budgets effectively so it had to be a NO for now. Oh no! He did not want to hear that and I have never seen my son wail so loud in my life. He opened his mouth so wide (I could see his tonsils a few yards off) and let it out, all the way to the counter and the car.  I tried not to get upset and calmly told him – “crying will not get you anything”.  Well he apologised for his behaviour, I am just not having a child misbehave all for the sake of it.

I will be going back to the shop to get the book anyway as a surprise for him. 

Work Schedule

Work has been affected by the holidays and kids being at home.  Kids are home tomorrow too as school is closed as it is used as a polling station.  I have had to keep more late nights than I normally do, just to make sure I deliver on time.  Well all things will go back to normal next week, can’t wait! Then I can start with my regular schedule…the joy of a self-employed mum hey!

Well there is still the big question of  the exercise routines; I need to get myself on the track jogging at least 2 times a week. God help me, I need a lot of willpower, as I have been off my routine for a while. My client and friend Rebecca of Fit2Sparkle is going to be on my case soon.

Back to work now, this is my month of knowledge acquisition and there is a lot of studying to do. This week – a revisit to article marketing with Sean Mize (my article marketing and link building mentor).  God’s grace is sufficient for me and through Him, I can achieve a lot more.

 Next time will be much better….Temi.

 Photos courtesy of – Zvon, Trolf & Arinas74


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