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Home Alone

on May 6, 2011

At last!

I get a day to myself today, yippee!! Well just for 6 hours.  One kid or the other has been at home this week for 8 days now.  I was beginning to think maybe I should quit working during the day so I do not have to undergo so much pressure of dashing between the kitchen, my desk, children’s room, garden etc. Oh almost forgot and make sure they just wash their hands when they go to the bathroom and not start any water spraying activity.   And now that the sun is out, my little one wants to spend more time in the garden so ‘outdoor working’ might be the option this summer. 

My 3 year old said something quite funny yesterday, I asked what love meant and he answered “kisses”.  It must be true because he loves kissing his mum so much, for boys I think mine are very affectionate – I love them so.  

By the way, I am getting quite addicted to Beyblades now and learning more about the different ones for attack, stamina and defence.  El-Drago is the ultimate one…I think.  I intend to purchase my very own beyblade and kit it up nicely so I can “let it rip” and ‘battle’ others. 

Some Beyblade info for the curious minds:

Exercise Dilemma

This morning I had every intention of jogging but then I remembered the kids will want to go to school on their scooters, which meant a light sprint for me.  (Mind you, we went for a bike ride yesterday with me playing catch up on foot). This will definitely tire me out for my exercise so I decided to go for a power walk instead.  The good news, I did a half an hour power walk. The not so good news…I am absolutely knackered and almost dozing at my desk.  At least I started so kudos to me.

Work…What Work?

Having been with the kids for more than a week, my schedule is all over the place. I must spend some time this weekend getting myself organised and getting back on track, I can’t afford any more slack time. 

Pleased with my clients’ blogs for this week especially the one for EAP – check it out here: Whilst researching for the blog I learnt a lot from it which I intend to implement with my kids.  Especially the balancing the temperaments bit, with two active sons I’ve got to – for my own sanity. 


Still on my quest for knowledge especially for my new service – eBooks development.  Yesterday I almost overdosed on information.  I bet if I looked in the mirror, I will see circles in my eyes…you know the one they show in cartoons when people are hypnotised.  There is just so much out there to learn…love it. 

Looking forward to the weekend as hubby will be back from his business trip; at least I might get a lie-in!

Next time will be super great…Temi


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