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I am a mum, who works and likes to play with my three great boys

Less TV…More Interaction

on June 6, 2011

Finally back to normal after my long-awaited Sade concert is now done and dusted…it was a great concert and worth the 18 years wait.

No more Power Rangers

A few weeks of Power Rangers has almost changed my kids into high kicks samurai fighters.  Decided to put a stop to the show in my home after midterm came to a close.  Now that TV time has been drastically reduced that means I have to be more creative with play time.  Glad the weather is nice (well apart from yesterday and today when it rained buckets!), so we can do more outdoor play…when I am not tired that is.

Exercise… is Almost a Part of Me

 Exercise routine is becoming more regular now, my 1 hour walks have put me in good stead to resume regular jogging. So I am bracing myself for my first jog this week, after a few months of jogging abstinence – should be fun.  At the same time, I am working on my carbs intake which has been on red alert for the past few weeks.  Unfortunately I can’t blame my carb cravings on hormones as I am not pregnant!!  So I better get serious before my body starts screaming at me via every mirror. 

How is Business?

My May month of knowledge acquisition did pay off, I am half way through working on some more new products.  I learnt in business that you can’t wait for everything to be crystal clear before you start out or you never will. Someone also confirmed this on as well. I am an advocate for business plans but sometimes you need to test the waters to be sure. 

I wish many more people will step out of their comfort boat – with at least one foot and follow their dreams…life is just too short. 

Better feed the kids now!

My efforts are getting better….Temi.


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