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Oops…I dropped a few!

on June 20, 2011

 I can’t believe I haven’t posted in my blog for 2 weeks now.  It is something I really enjoy but the past two weeks have taken its toll on me.

Eyes off the Balls

Yes, I dropped a few balls whilst trying to juggle too much.  Thank God the hubby and kids are part of the balls up in the air, everything else almost went crashing.  After my elation of the Sade concert and getting back on track with my June schedule,  I just felt so overwhelmed by everything.  Then one by one certain balls found themselves on the floor. 

Help the Laundry Alien Attacks!!!

First it was the laundry, I think it became one of those multiplying aliens and took over my home. It was everywhere, the kids laundry basket was just constantly overflowing, no matter the number of washes we got in.  Then our washing, I gave up on that after I could no longer identify the clean from the unclean.  I think they got their wires crossed somewhere between the washing machine and the wardrobes. 

Wimbledon is Here

Anyway a better week is here and I seem to be a lot calmer and in control now….maybe it’s the Wimbledon season.  I promise myself that I get to watch the matches if I finish a certain amount of work by 12 noon and make up for the other hours at night.  I think that is a fair deal for me. 

I got a good jog this morning and I was so excited, it was my first time of going round the park twice. A bit disappointed about the distant (just under 2 miles) when Edmondo gave me the verdict but all in all, good progress for me.  Meeting a friend for an hour walk on Thursday (weather permit) – should be fun. 

I am excited about my eBook which is almost done. Can’t wait for it to get out there and help people get their business ideas out of their heads.  I better get cracking before the next school run.

I wish myself an even better day tomorrow…Temi

Photos courtesy of 13dede and Chechetkin


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