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I am a mum, who works and likes to play with my three great boys

July and Rain in Summer

on July 8, 2011

Well it has been a while since I posted on any of my blogs.  June has been a whirlwind month with so much going on.  I had to prioritize my tasks and be strict with my time.  Glad I got so much accomplished.

The Home Front

Swimming classes for my little one and mum has to get in the water too. A bit scary as mum is a non-swimmer.  Our instructor has asked me to book my own lessons and that fills me with dread. My older son recently went for another  Taekwando grading, he is always glad to go a Kup up!  I did not realise they grade them so often and charge for each time too!

Congregation of Slippers: Strange things are happening with the slippers in my house.  Ok, I wear a pair whilst working, put my feet up and when I get up I leave without them.  The next thing I know I pick up another pair from somewhere else and drop them under the table. Well at the end of the day I look under my work table and there are about 4-5 pairs of slippers lying there innocently.  I only realise this when my hubby comes from work and starts looking for a pair to wear.  How funny they all look hiding under my table!

Business Delight

Work is busier, I am grateful for the new contacts and the way work is progressing.  I am learning to delegate more work now, so I do not spread myself too thin.  Crazy work hours though, I love my sleep but it seems to be on the back burner lately.  I think my time off for Wimbledon has caught up with me so that is the price I need to pay.

My new eBook is coming out soon and I can’t wait. Love the cover, banner, site, love everything about it.  I hope it meets the needs of the people who buy it as that is what I find fulfilling.

I am extremely sleepy today, the late nights are catching up. If I am not fully alert in the next hour I will have to have a nap – with or without looming deadlines. This weekend – work is out of the question. I MUST pay more attention to hubby and the kids and just have some fun.

Had a chat with my friend today about visiting a spa soon…my body needs some pampering.  After all that hard work, I sure do deserve it!

Next time will be a better time…Temi.


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