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Finally…the eBook is Out!

on July 15, 2011

I did It!

Phew!!! That took a lot out of me. In between being a wife, mum, school run, homework, extra curricular activities, swimming lessons (morning and evening), homework, cooking, cleaning, sports day, summer concert, birthdays – I got my eBook out there.

I am proud of my sales page at and my new website at  All the studying, reading, engaging and subscriptions actually paid off.

Blogging Holiday

Some things just had to stay on the back burner and my commitment to once a week blogging was one of the things that had to go to bed for a while.  I am yet to get the breather I want as now it’s time to market the product and resume a normal work schedule.  But I’ve got to write to get some of the stuff off my chest and moreso writing is relaxing!

Holidays Equals Fun Times

Not that I am complaining but summer holiday came round quick this year. I think it’s because I have been really busy on the work front and did not notice the weeks go by. Usually by now, I will be crawling to school because my enthusiasm only lasts for four weeks of school run at the most.

Fun Times in the Sun

 My commitment this August: I must get the kids out more often this summer. I am looking forward to it, especially now that the little one can hold his toilet needs a lot longer.  No more dashing for the nearest shrub, I mean toilet!!! 

Looking forward to a great summer holiday whatever the weather.

Next best is going to be great…Temi.

Photo by Jacarino

PS: Great improvement on my tolerance level with the kids. Less shouting, more control, interaction and reasoning, I am proud of myself.


One response to “Finally…the eBook is Out!

  1. Love this I can relate to the working mum thing I’m actual looking to the gradual slow down no school run less after school activities and perhaps sometime to just rest. My blogs a bit like yours have a read if you have time

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