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I am a mum, who works and likes to play with my three great boys

Cherish the Love…

on August 7, 2011

Yippee! Two successful weeks into the school holidays and I am still feeling good.  This is the most relaxed I have ever been during the school holidays with two kids in tow. It is amazing what we can achieve when we set our minds to it!  It has been fun times of new discoveries, new places and new things.  My commitment to MORE GRATITUDE AND LESS ATTITUDE is helping me cherish the love of family and friends a lot more.

We had a lovely picnic in the park last week. I can’t remember the last time I sat down for more than two hours in one place without working on my laptop.  It was so refreshing to sit in the park whilst the kids ran around uninhibited.  Good times!

Thank you Museum of London for organising great workshops for the kids – my little ones were so impressed. 

Taming my Workload

Work has been manageable too, shifting the bulk of my work hours into the night has helped a great deal.  Now I am not so cranky during the day when the kids place their REGULAR demands on me.  Surprisingly, I have also been able to sneak in a few hours of work during the day when they are occupied with other things.  Mummy is happy and kids are happy.

More referrals from the business centre got me all excited last week.  My joy is being able to help these referrals make something of their business ideas.  So help me God.

All ready to face the week…and what a great week it will be.

Till a better next time….Temi

photo courtesy of rainbowj


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