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I am a mum, who works and likes to play with my three great boys

Through the Eyes of a Child

on August 11, 2011

It has been a great summer so far, the kids have been enjoying the little activities we have been able to put together for them. Sound like I am trying to justify working a lot more than I should during the holidays…I know!.  

My son’s friend is staying over for a few nights. Every time I catch a glimpse of the joy on my son’s face whilst playing with his friend simply warms my heart. He woke up today with such a beam on his face. My older son is one of those kids who sometimes wakes up with a moan (a lot better now than it used to be), so to see such a smile…well it’s priceless.  It is amazing what children treasure, sometimes it is not so much the big things we buy for them or the fancy holidays. Every time I discuss holidays with my sons, their first question is “which one of their friends is coming along”.  I almost answer isn’t mum and dad enough for you! You bet they are going to say no, I will rather be with my friends.

I want to try to see the world through the eyes of my children more often, know what matters to them and how they view the world.  I think it will give me a better understanding of how they reason and help me balance my parenting skills appropriately. 

 Well back to work as the kids seem to be occupied with each other, until hunger strikes…which happens very often. I better get more hours in. 

Till a great next time…..Temi.


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