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Should They Earn It?

on August 22, 2011

Still Loving the Holidays

I am still having fun with my family.  This is the most relaxed I have ever been since my older son started school.  It has been great, I am enjoying every moment we spend together.  I got my son a skateboard as he so wanted one – he has been really good with his regular (holiday) school work.  Yes, I am one of those moms who believes children still have to learn during the holidays in preparation for a new school year.  So a good treat for his hard work was well worth it.  Both of them don’t even need coaxing anymore, they know they have to “do their work” before enjoying their playtime.  Before I am labelled the dictator mum, they do have their days off as homework is not an every day thing. has been great in helping them with their learning experiences.

Might get a skateboard for myself too but ride with extra knee and elbow padding. 

Should it be free?

This actually reminds of some of the questions the kids in Sunday school asked recently.  “Why do parents mostly give us things as a reward for things we have done and not just for the sake of it”?  It was good food for thought, in my own opinion as it teaches life lessons.  I strongly believe if children learn that most things are earned, they will learn good work ethics for the future. I do agree some things should be given freely whilst some things just have to be earned.  As they grow older they will value input and appreciate output too.  Afterall, nothing in life is free.  You can’t just place demands on the system and throw a tantrum when you don’t get what you want.  That is why some kids will go out there, riot and loot without questioning their own actions!!!!

Work Schedule

Boo hoo!!!! I could hardly get through half of my to-do-list last week, I was so distracted.  I have had to carry most of my tasks over to this week, hopefully it will be a better week so I better get cracking.  I have sent out my scheduled emails and newsletter is going out this week too. All this and more whilst I cater for two very hungry caterpillars I mean kids.

Some of my completed tasks last week were and  I am glad they liked what I did for them. 

Roll on this week, I am all ready for you.!

A great time awaits me….Temi.


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