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I am a mum, who works and likes to play with my three great boys

Missing Them Already

on September 6, 2011

This has been the best summer holidays I have had with my little ones.  I have enjoyed having them at home with me and watching them grow before my very eyes. I decided to make a conscious effort to observe them as much as the need to correct them this summer and I am glad of what I saw. 

I enjoyed the moments I stared as they watched TV, intrigued by the expressions on their little faces. I enjoyed watching my older son care for his brother and how the younger one always found solace in his big brother too.  I loved the bond they have developed and the way they co-exist. The way the older one always makes space for his little brother in church and if there is none, he effortlessly puts him on his lap.  They have learnt to share things a lot more and surprisingly defer to each other without mum having to say a word. 

Are They Really Growing Up?

My kids are maturing before my very eyes and I am not sure I am ready for that.  My little one will wriggle out of my hugs, maybe mummy is hugging too tight.  Feels like he’s telling me, “mum I am still here, don’t smother me with too much love”.  

My little boy starts pre-school this week and I am quite sad because after this is ‘big school’.  I now need authorisation to spend time with my kids and can’t just keep them back when I feel like it.  No more midweek time together with my little one.  I have been thinking to myself,  did I make the most of our three and a half years together?  As I read the pre-school info, my heart skipped a beat when I saw ‘your child is expected to attend every day’.  He is just too little and do not want to let him go just yet.  I want more idle days with my little boy – going to the shops, park,  rhyme classes or just watching mickey mouse and saying “oh toodles” together.

Life Goes On

No more excuses, I have to carry on and stop pinning for my kids after all, they will be back by 3.30pm and then the activities continues.  Snapping out of the pity party as there is no more excuse for idleness – summer is over so back to work.

Looking forward to great times ahead…Temi.

Photo courtesy of hoefi


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