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A Few Years Ago

on September 12, 2011

On my way to the shops this morning to get some ingredients for a Fisherman pie – first time of making such a meal by the way,  I starting thinking about when my son started reception.  It was a funny experience as I had heard so much about school run mums and how you enjoy coffee mornings, chit-chats and other lovely friendly times.  Having been in employment for over 15 years until then, I thought it was going to be a walk in the park

I took my son to school with such high expectations of meeting like-minded mums who I can share tips and information with.  How different it turned out to me!! Many mums did make friends along the way but I was never one of them.  I now realise it had more to do with me than anyone else.  I struggle with small talk, I just drift off after a while.  I really try and stay focused but find it really hard.  Moreso, I really did not have a lot in common with the mums I tend to run into. Once in a while, I will love to walk to the car or half-way home with another mum and share school experiences etc but after the reception year, I gave up.  I do say hello to a lot of parents now but outside of that and meeting during birthday parties, sports day etc nothing more. 

Netmum posted an interesting blog about Mummy Mafias in school, I found it quite interesting.

It was a great blog about mums who bully other mums and more, I must get her book ‘The playground mafia’ sure to be an interesting read.  A lot of the comments indicated that many mums have suffered in the hands of these so called ‘super mums’ who dress to the nines (in their own opinions) and look down on others.  For some of us who drop the kids off and rush to the shops and then back to our desks, you hardly see them. 

Occasionally you come across a mum who is trying to prove her superiority during the school play, but honestly I do not have the energy or time to be involved in such  petty matters.  I just ignore them.  Once I sat in front of two mums during the school concert and they just talked about other mums all through – the ones that have lost weight, having affairs etc.  If there were any other seats with a good view, I would have moved seats – it was appalling and so childish. 

Now with my second one in pre-school, it is a quick hi and bye.  Even though there are a few mums who seem quite friendly now – I think as a mum over 40 wanting more out of life, you just don’t have the time to search for friendly faces within the crowd anymore. My kids are happy in school and there are clients work that needs to be done – that is what gives me fulfilment.

Having a great time working from home…Temi.

Photo by Biewoef


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