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I am a mum, who works and likes to play with my three great boys

Mum is the Job

on October 19, 2011

Phew! I can’t believe it took me this long to write a blog.  Weeks have gone by since my last entry, I now know how much time I need to recover from the summer holidays.

We are in Pre-School Now. 

Back to work gradually….with little one now in pre-school. Gosh! those 3 hours of pre-school are…for lack of words…knjgebvhire!!!! Can’t think of a word to describe it because my little one loves it so much, he now wants to stop attending the nursery in the mornings.  I got an afternoon slot which doesn’t quite work for a stay-at-home mum who works on the side.  Errrm!  maybe not on the side if I am putting more than 5 hours in at least 4 days a week. 

I salute the moms that stay at home without engaging in any form of business.  I think I will go bananas!!  Juggling self employment and family is a tough job, but I prefer that. With a mind like mine, it needs to be kept active thinking of other things and not what is not right with my life. 

Plans…What Plans?

Anyway back to my strange week.  This happened a few weeks ago and me think of a verse in the bible which states “many are the deliberations of a man’s heart but it is God’s counsel that will stand”.  I had planned that week so well (I thought)

Monday – Consultation with clients

Tuesday – Full day school and work for mum

Wednesday – Fun with little one, cleaning and a bit of work

But guess what Tuesday morning we woke up bright and early and got out in time for school. As a treat, brought the scooters along for a good ride.  Down the path they went (at gear five as they usually say) and my little boy fell face first into a nettle bush.  He got up with a blood curling scream which made me panic.  His face swelled up in an instant…my older son and I were petrified by what we saw.  Hurled scooters back home, got into the car, mad dash to school. Asked another mum to drop my older son who was so concerned for his brother and started to cry. My heart was aching, I wanted to take both of them home.  But somehow common sense prevailed and with a bit of medication, he made pre-school later happy as usual. 

So does a mum do, if she has to be at work in an hour or so?   How will she feel seeing her son in pain and having to think of work at the same time?  I never take for granted the privilege to work from home.  I know a lot of moms will love to do this if they could but situations just won’t allow it.  I salute moms who work hard to make ends meet, whether in a corporate job or by staying at home.  We all in our own way make the world go round.

Another school run upon me.  Enjoy your day

A better time next time….Temi.


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