Mum, Work & Play

I am a mum, who works and likes to play with my three great boys

Back to my Happy Place

on January 13, 2012

Oh dear!!! I can’t believe I have not blogged for almost two months. What on earth happened to me? I have not visited one of my happy places in ages, no wonder I have been rather grumpy lately (well apart from Christmas and a few days after). 

Well then, must make better use of my time this year.  Compartmentalizing is going to be my keyword this year. Every “important” thing must have its own storage place and a time to bring it out to play. 

Home is busy, work is busy, life is busy but still love what I do. Being a wife, mum and helping people discover and develop their passion.   My brainstorming sessions started with a bang and I am so pleased that it is taking shape.   All I have to do now is balance my new systems nicely and still have time for me.

Till a great next time….Temi. – where I do one of the things I love.


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