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Yeah It’s My Birthday!!!!

on February 10, 2012

It was my birthday yesterday and I had a swell time with so much love showered on me by my family and friends.  I felt extra special and was just the antidote for the rather gloomy me  lurking in the shadows a few days ago.

Big School Here We Come!

I have started preparing my little one for ‘big school’ and he is so different from his brother…a bit of a reluctant learner at the moment.   I discovered that even though he might enjoy some activities, he will rather mum help him do them instead of trying a little bit.  So my next quest is to find activities that engage and stimulate him to help him learn independently sometimes.    I have to keep reminding myself that he is not his older brother, different learning styles, different brains and different personalities. 

The Gadgets Have to Go!

The DSi and Wii are both on holiday at the moment and I just pray that I will not be so frustrated and have to  bring them out during the mid-term break.  My little one has to go cold turkey just so he knows that his life does not depend on games.  I meant it’s almost ridiculous. We offer them some leeway to play on Friday nights (game nights) and as soon as they get back, they wolf down their food, rush through homework and eagerly wait for the go ahead.  Now I have invested in puzzles, board games and those lovely old fashion stuff that are equally engaging.   I tried arts and crafts but it’s not just their thing.    My words to myself now is Mum has to be firm to be kind.  My No is No…no matter the amount of moaning and whining.  Stand strong mum and be firm!!!!

It’s skeletal work next week with kids off school, thank God for self-employment.  Might use that time to read some books I have abandoned half way due to lack of maximum brainpower. 

Till next time, enjoy the mid-term break….Temi




2 responses to “Yeah It’s My Birthday!!!!

  1. Happy belated birthday!! It’s my birthday today! 🙂 Not quite as fun as when I was younger I must say! My son is the same way with the games btw. I think it’s a boy thing. I’m all ready sick of battling him on how much he is allowed to play. Sigh.

  2. MumWorkPlay says:

    Thanks Heather. Happy birthday to you too, hope you make the most of your special day. Birthdays are definitely different when you get older and presents are far in between too but I make do. I went cold turkey on my boys when my little one won’t eat or use the loo because of Mario and his friends. Now that I have got some control back, I am going to dish it out in very little doses. Good luck with yours x

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