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World Book Day and Me

on March 2, 2012

What on earth happened to me this year?  World Book Day is upon  us yeah!!!  Despite promising myself that I will go all out for the kids” outfits this year…I failed!  I am so sad because I had high hopes but Jack Frost was not so easy to come by.  Yes I could have got the goblin but I know that my son will not really like to be a slimy shiny little goblin…being a boy who wants to maintain a certain level of decorum.

So I put my arts and craft skills together (the very few I have) and tried to make a few icicles and snow flakes..No it didn’t work.  Scouted for stick on snowflakes online – delivery date 4-6 days, I know I should have ordered them earlier!!!!   Finally I got a hat with (well I think it will be insulting to God if I called them icicles) – some strips on a cardboard hat.  My dear son was actually impressed and wore it with pride.  Luckily their dad dropped him off so I did not have to deal with the guilt of seeing another kid dressed as JACK FROST!!!

At pre-school quite a number of moms complained about this year’s theme, so I knew I was not alone.  I could hardly make up what some of the characters were, maybe a cross between a unicorn and a shiny thing.  The boy who dressed up as a goblin (after all that effort by mum) simply refused to go in to his class, he was embarrassed as most of us did not make the effort.

My solemn promise to my dear sons…next year you will appear in school on World Book Day in style.  Work will just have to take a backseat sometimes.

Next time will surely be better…..Temi.


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