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I am a mum, who works and likes to play with my three great boys

The Spin Cycle

on March 13, 2012

I know it is almost impossible but I feel as if I have been in a washing machine spin cycle for a few weeks now.  Everything seems to be spinning around and around – work, home chores, school run, home work etc.  The good thing about a washing machine is if it is a 50 minutes wash cycle, it is bound to stop.  The question is, how long does this cycle last?

I am sure I never heard my mum or any other woman in her generation tell me that being a mum/wife takes this much out of you.  Or maybe I just believed it will be a lot easier in this decade of washing machines, dryers, microwaves and the occasional cleaner for lucky some. I discovered even the most organised of moms get some things wrong sometimes.  The forgotten lunch money , school photos late order submission, PE kits not back in school on time or the same lunch twice/thrice in a row.  In all of this I won’t swap this role for any high-powered position in an air-conditioned office (or will I?).  With all the twists and turns of being a mum, the joy the kids bring just makes it fade away (most times).

Well back from Taekwando and I felt awful because my son did not have his body armour and a few of them had to do press-ups for that (felt like being in the army).  All of that coupled with a splitting headache and my little one asking for crackers for the umpteenth time – calls for an early night.

Work Update

I am restless again which tells me that my business needs to take a new direction.  The consideration for my family must always be number one.  Sometimes I feel like taking giant business strides but then I remember the reason why I work from home in the first place. – to be available for my family.  I make a conscious effort to remind myself of my priorities because as business gets busier, it is tempting to shift those priorities.

Good times ahead…Temi.


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