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Stepping off the Rollercoaster…Temporarily

on July 17, 2012

Phew!!! I sigh as I get off my sports rollercoaster ride for a little reprieve.   Wimbledon and Euro2012 has left me pretty worn out.  Boy! the adrenalin, the tension watching Murray play every match and the ultimate head to head between Federer and Murray. I was torn between the two of them – should I follow my heart as a diehard RF fan or support my countryman. I succumbed, wishing the best man the title.

All that sports whilst juggling kids’ activities, work schedule (partially) has left me pretty giddy.  But I am learning to just embrace every day and stop being so cranky about raising kids.  After all they did not mistakenly fall in my drink and then I swallow each one at a time in my life. – My son’s theory about procreation!  I now partake of the school run ritual with a spring in my step and hug my kids with glee every time I pick them up from school.  I bet they are wondering what is up with this woman!

So here I am dealing with the withdrawal symptoms of A LOT of sporting activities.  My excitement is about to kick in again with the Olympics.  Sometimes I wish I am a kept woman who has no craving or desire to work for a living and can just pretend to keep the home clean which I enjoy daytime TV!  As the Olympics approaches I am in the middle of creating a schedule for my kids.  We must make the most of this summer, rain or shine.  I am definitely going to be a calm mum this time.  I think I have ‘almost’ conquered my shouting instincts, talking with a softer tone sure keeps headaches at bay.

My sons were taken aback though when I started screaming at the top of my lungs in the car on the way to church “London 2012”!!!! Boy I love the Olympics – I hope Team GB will do us proud.

Till a great next time…Temi


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