Mum, Work & Play

I am a mum, who works and likes to play with my three great boys

No More Excuses!

My Little one has started school.  Yeah!!!! Sob! Sob! Sob!

I am still taking solace in the fact that he is doing half days at the moment.  Friday will be our first full day and I am dreading it.  Did I think I will feel this way once he started school. No! I have been telling all who care to listen that I can’t wait for him to start school so I can move my business forward. Now I realise that I will rather be a mum any day of the week. But hey these things have to be done for more fulfilment in life.

Seeing my little one in his school uniform made me realise how far I have come.  I started my own business after my maternity leave came to an end, I have survived and I am still pressing on. So as my son starts school, I am getting my game on and intend to move my business forward giving it my best shot.

So if there are any mothers out there thinking of starting a business, hey if I can do it so can you.  Just take small steady steps each day and before you know it you will have covered miles. 

So no more excuses not to get out there and make things happen for Business First Steps.  After all I now have almost six hours a day to myself and no spilling over into family time.  I must constantly remind myself though that weekends will surely now be solely family business.

Till next time when my son will be in full-time school….Temi.

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Reclaiming My Social Life

Two weekends and two parties and I am loving it!  I have spent the better part of July thinking of what I did with my social life over the past two decades.  When I was free and single, I was too occupied with work  and church activities.  Never found the time to travel and explore the world because I was busy with  my career and trying to climb up the slippery slope of the corporate ladder.

Who would have thought I will give all that up when the kids came long.  Anyway I have decided that age is just a number and actually 40 is the new 30 so that means I am 32 in modern terms.  Which also implies that I am at the age where I can party responsibly and have a good time. Afterall I have successfully got the child-bearing part under my belt.

More so I am taking a well deserved break from working so hard on Business First Steps this August. I am sure my business can survive on skeletal hours for the next few weeks until kids go back to school.  My reason for skeletal hours has many branches, one of them being my long-lost desire to indulge in some good books.  My cravings has led to a number of chick flick kindle downloads so I have something to do during my downtime…which I have been having too many of lately 🙂

So here I am, after two consecutive weekends of partying…totally shattered.  So tired and grateful that I have no party for the next two weeks.  After the last few weeks, I intend to gradually introduce myself to the social scene as I reclaim my youth.  Luckily, the kids do not need so much tendering as long as they have something to keep them busy.  I have decided to minimise the amount of time they spend on game consoles and resort to more brain stimulating exercises.  I achieved step one by spending a considerable amount of time and money at the book store.

I have also reconnected with Sitters, my reliable babysitting company so let the good times roll…

Till a fun next time…Temi.

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Stepping off the Rollercoaster…Temporarily

Phew!!! I sigh as I get off my sports rollercoaster ride for a little reprieve.   Wimbledon and Euro2012 has left me pretty worn out.  Boy! the adrenalin, the tension watching Murray play every match and the ultimate head to head between Federer and Murray. I was torn between the two of them – should I follow my heart as a diehard RF fan or support my countryman. I succumbed, wishing the best man the title.

All that sports whilst juggling kids’ activities, work schedule (partially) has left me pretty giddy.  But I am learning to just embrace every day and stop being so cranky about raising kids.  After all they did not mistakenly fall in my drink and then I swallow each one at a time in my life. – My son’s theory about procreation!  I now partake of the school run ritual with a spring in my step and hug my kids with glee every time I pick them up from school.  I bet they are wondering what is up with this woman!

So here I am dealing with the withdrawal symptoms of A LOT of sporting activities.  My excitement is about to kick in again with the Olympics.  Sometimes I wish I am a kept woman who has no craving or desire to work for a living and can just pretend to keep the home clean which I enjoy daytime TV!  As the Olympics approaches I am in the middle of creating a schedule for my kids.  We must make the most of this summer, rain or shine.  I am definitely going to be a calm mum this time.  I think I have ‘almost’ conquered my shouting instincts, talking with a softer tone sure keeps headaches at bay.

My sons were taken aback though when I started screaming at the top of my lungs in the car on the way to church “London 2012”!!!! Boy I love the Olympics – I hope Team GB will do us proud.

Till a great next time…Temi

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Simple Gratitude

I haven’t posted a blog in a while as other things have taken up my time especially managing a family.

One thing I must say, though I am constantly tired from managing a full-time business on part-time hours is I am grateful to God for good health.  In as much as there is so much to do, the ability to do it still makes the job a lot easier. I think of those who have restricted mobility or other issues that inhibits them from carrying out simple chores and the things they will love to do. My heart goes out to them and salute their courage for keeping on.

I just wanted to share my gratitude to God for the simple things in life that we usually take for granted.

Till next time….Temi.

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I think Mum’s Got Game!

As a mom of two active boys, it can be a very daunting and exhausting experience when you take them out. Most times I play safe and only engage in activities with minimal movement.   But today was different; I decided to raise my game and we went to the park to play football and lawn tennis.

I must say though, kudos to the professional tennis players.  That tennis court was so huge, how do they cover the court so quickly?   I could not reach the balls fast enough even though I tried.  My son and I reached a consensus to use the inner boxes only (don’t know what they are called), before mum passes out from exhaustion.  Luckily he got bored and decided to go on the swings instead.  Phew…I almost lost my street cred there!

So we moved to football and I surprised myself at how well I can tackle and kick the ball in the right direction.  I even scored a few goals when we tried penalty shoot-outs.  The tackling was a bit hard, running after two vibrant boys certainly took its toll on me.   I have learnt so much since my boys came along. From making paper fighter planes to battle ships, knowing all the Ben10 Aliens by heart, the Power Rangers Samurai moves and the odd stint at football…I bet my boys think I am a cool mum.  It is just pure joy being able to play with one’s kids.

I have barely had time for work during their two-week holiday but I can say the time spent together has been well worth it.  So even though the bank balance might not be what I want it to be, the memories of these two weeks will stay with me forever.

Mom has raised her game and is now the new footballer in town, so if you know anyone looking to sign a woman over 40…send them my way.

Great time next time…Temi.

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The Spin Cycle

I know it is almost impossible but I feel as if I have been in a washing machine spin cycle for a few weeks now.  Everything seems to be spinning around and around – work, home chores, school run, home work etc.  The good thing about a washing machine is if it is a 50 minutes wash cycle, it is bound to stop.  The question is, how long does this cycle last?

I am sure I never heard my mum or any other woman in her generation tell me that being a mum/wife takes this much out of you.  Or maybe I just believed it will be a lot easier in this decade of washing machines, dryers, microwaves and the occasional cleaner for lucky some. I discovered even the most organised of moms get some things wrong sometimes.  The forgotten lunch money , school photos late order submission, PE kits not back in school on time or the same lunch twice/thrice in a row.  In all of this I won’t swap this role for any high-powered position in an air-conditioned office (or will I?).  With all the twists and turns of being a mum, the joy the kids bring just makes it fade away (most times).

Well back from Taekwando and I felt awful because my son did not have his body armour and a few of them had to do press-ups for that (felt like being in the army).  All of that coupled with a splitting headache and my little one asking for crackers for the umpteenth time – calls for an early night.

Work Update

I am restless again which tells me that my business needs to take a new direction.  The consideration for my family must always be number one.  Sometimes I feel like taking giant business strides but then I remember the reason why I work from home in the first place. – to be available for my family.  I make a conscious effort to remind myself of my priorities because as business gets busier, it is tempting to shift those priorities.

Good times ahead…Temi.

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My Son’s First Play Date

My 4 year old’s best friend and school mate came round today.  Gosh! His joy was infectious, he was so happy to have someone around.  Then I saw my son in a completely different light – his hospitality skills needs some work.  I always knew he had many of my traits but I was hoping that will not be one of them.

Must be the Genes

My older son is just like his dad, he is a very good host and knows how to make his friends comfortable.  My little one well – work in progress. I found myself constantly reminding him that he has a guest.  He is so like me, rather live in his own world and can only handle friends in same doses.  I think he will do better than me in the likeability factor.  I better work on mine as it seems there are going to be quite a number of friendly and nice mothers when we get to reception.

So more play dates on the way

Better next time…Temi.



World Book Day and Me

What on earth happened to me this year?  World Book Day is upon  us yeah!!!  Despite promising myself that I will go all out for the kids” outfits this year…I failed!  I am so sad because I had high hopes but Jack Frost was not so easy to come by.  Yes I could have got the goblin but I know that my son will not really like to be a slimy shiny little goblin…being a boy who wants to maintain a certain level of decorum.

So I put my arts and craft skills together (the very few I have) and tried to make a few icicles and snow flakes..No it didn’t work.  Scouted for stick on snowflakes online – delivery date 4-6 days, I know I should have ordered them earlier!!!!   Finally I got a hat with (well I think it will be insulting to God if I called them icicles) – some strips on a cardboard hat.  My dear son was actually impressed and wore it with pride.  Luckily their dad dropped him off so I did not have to deal with the guilt of seeing another kid dressed as JACK FROST!!!

At pre-school quite a number of moms complained about this year’s theme, so I knew I was not alone.  I could hardly make up what some of the characters were, maybe a cross between a unicorn and a shiny thing.  The boy who dressed up as a goblin (after all that effort by mum) simply refused to go in to his class, he was embarrassed as most of us did not make the effort.

My solemn promise to my dear sons…next year you will appear in school on World Book Day in style.  Work will just have to take a backseat sometimes.

Next time will surely be better…..Temi.

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Yeah It’s My Birthday!!!!

It was my birthday yesterday and I had a swell time with so much love showered on me by my family and friends.  I felt extra special and was just the antidote for the rather gloomy me  lurking in the shadows a few days ago.

Big School Here We Come!

I have started preparing my little one for ‘big school’ and he is so different from his brother…a bit of a reluctant learner at the moment.   I discovered that even though he might enjoy some activities, he will rather mum help him do them instead of trying a little bit.  So my next quest is to find activities that engage and stimulate him to help him learn independently sometimes.    I have to keep reminding myself that he is not his older brother, different learning styles, different brains and different personalities. 

The Gadgets Have to Go!

The DSi and Wii are both on holiday at the moment and I just pray that I will not be so frustrated and have to  bring them out during the mid-term break.  My little one has to go cold turkey just so he knows that his life does not depend on games.  I meant it’s almost ridiculous. We offer them some leeway to play on Friday nights (game nights) and as soon as they get back, they wolf down their food, rush through homework and eagerly wait for the go ahead.  Now I have invested in puzzles, board games and those lovely old fashion stuff that are equally engaging.   I tried arts and crafts but it’s not just their thing.    My words to myself now is Mum has to be firm to be kind.  My No is No…no matter the amount of moaning and whining.  Stand strong mum and be firm!!!!

It’s skeletal work next week with kids off school, thank God for self-employment.  Might use that time to read some books I have abandoned half way due to lack of maximum brainpower. 

Till next time, enjoy the mid-term break….Temi




Back to my Happy Place

Oh dear!!! I can’t believe I have not blogged for almost two months. What on earth happened to me? I have not visited one of my happy places in ages, no wonder I have been rather grumpy lately (well apart from Christmas and a few days after). 

Well then, must make better use of my time this year.  Compartmentalizing is going to be my keyword this year. Every “important” thing must have its own storage place and a time to bring it out to play. 

Home is busy, work is busy, life is busy but still love what I do. Being a wife, mum and helping people discover and develop their passion.   My brainstorming sessions started with a bang and I am so pleased that it is taking shape.   All I have to do now is balance my new systems nicely and still have time for me.

Till a great next time….Temi. – where I do one of the things I love.

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