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Maybe I Need Help…

on May 11, 2011

Diet After Binging

Every once or twice a year, I go on the radical low-carb diet. This normally follows a month or two of chocolate bingeing, excess indulgence on toasted sandwiches and coca-cola.  Well the time is upon me to start the diet again.  So Monday the 9th saw me part ways with bread (toasted sandwiches), the last few maltesers in the fridge and renew my friendship with healthy eating.  My friend Rebecca of Fit2Sparkle will be proud. 

I am getting into the swing of school run routine and exercise now so that is a good thing. 

Why the Title?

I do need help…help with my kids left over meals!!!! I need to STOP eating the scraps left on their plates. I need to gain the willpower to just shove it in the bin; after all it is only about two or three scoops.   But two or three scoops per plate over the course of the day = 3 x 3 x 2 that is a lot of scoops – even more than a whole meal. 

Extra-Curricular Activities.

I must find another activity for my little boy, since he has decided he does not want to go in the “big water” (pool) like his brother for now. Must add a word that my older son’s swim school is one of the best I know (we have been to a few!!). So if you are ever in need of swimming lessons in South East London visit 

Unfortunately most martial art classes start from 4 years old, so we have got a few more months to go.  Why Martial Arts? Because my sons are forever trying out air kicks or whatever they call them (thanks to Avatar – the last airbender).  So better let them but all that skill to better use and burn as much energy as possible. 

We are Back on Track

Yes! Work schedule is back on track and excited about the prospects of my new products.  Working on a new website for my copywriting business alongside other stuff.  I am also working on a tip sheet on how to develop or kick-start a business idea (yet to decide on the title). I hope the resource will benefit people who would love to own their own business. 

Better get back to work, afternoon school run is almost upon me. 

I believe next time will be better…Temi.

Photos courtesy of – Dimitric, Sol one and Lusi, Thanks.


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